Happy 16th Birthday Sarah

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S1FC60B74-C5B6-4CAF-8C26-44B9C809E8B6 (1)arah was adamant that she didn’t want a 16th Birthday party. She just wanted to keep it all low key. But then we went to Disneyland and that all changed. A Disney themed party was requested and that’s what our Princess got. Sarah loves Pinterest and Mammy loves a challenge. So together we made the best Disney party ever.

It’s a running joke that Sarah is the middle child and that we forget her but the thing is we could never forget Sarah. She actually ties our family together. She is so funny, whitty, helpful, caring and always wants to please those around her.

We had a great party and celebration and party with family. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest.

IMG_1716 IMG_1718  IMG_1722 IMG_1726   IMG_1731 IMG_1728

IMG_1727We made a slideshow of Sarah, she has made us smile and laugh over the last 16 years and we hope you continue to share your bubbly personality with those around you. We love you Sarah and hope you enjoy your 16th year. You have changed our lives for the better.