Disneyland Paris

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IMG_1162Mark and I were on the plane after a trip to the Temple, we talked about the idea of going to Disneyland Paris.

We mentioned it to Alice who said she would love to go back and we gently persuaded my Dad to come along too. The plan was all set up from there.

We wanted to keep it a surprise from the girls and Jake. So all plans had to be made in secret. My Dad who was very aprehensive about it all said all along that he would come and carry all the coats 🙂

IMG_1203 IMG_1209

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We didn’t have great weather but that didn’t stop us having the best fun in the most magical place ever. It’s a great place to become and act like a kid again. My Dad surprised us all and went on almost everything and even went on a lot of the scary rides. It was great having Alice and my Dad there, they were great fun to be around.

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We were trying to plan going around our holiday next year but then we discovered that some of the rides are under construction for the early part of the year due to the 25th Anniversary. So roll on October 2017.